FHIR® exercises

Terminology exercise

This exercise will help you solidify your FHIR terminology knowledge by having you create a couple of resources, and then working together with a connectathon partner to create a mapping between the said resources.

Step 1: Create a CodeSystem

Create a CodeSystem resource with various codes for the human emotional state (ie 'happy, 'sad', etc.) - try to choose an original list, as that'll help you later on. Feel free to refresh your CodeSystem knowledge with the terminology tutorial if need be, or just ask us should you get stuck. Once finished, upload your CodeSystem resource to the specified FHIR terminology server.

Step 2: Create a ValueSet

Create a ValueSet resource that contains some or all of the codes from your CodeSystem - include at minimum 3-4 codes so there's something to work with. Try also to experiment with overriding some descriptions of codes in the CodeSystem by supplying your own descriptions in the ValueSet. Once done, upload the ValueSet and save the server-assigned ID, as you'll use it for some operations next.

Step 3: Perform an $expand on your ValueSet

Run the $expand operation on your ValueSet to see final rendering of your codes. Here you'll see the final descriptions of your codes - either from the CodeSystem, or if provided in the ValueSet, from the ValueSet.

Try out some parameters of $expand as well - use the 'filter' parameter to limit your expansion to a few select codes.

Step 4: Create a ConceptMap mapping

Find a partner and create a ConceptMap mapping from your ValueSet to your buddy's ValueSet. Since the valuesets are built around the same theme, they'll likely be similar yet different enough to be able to create a mapping. Upload the completed ConceptMap and save the server-assigned ID.

Step 5: Perform a $translate on your ConceptMap

Once you've created and uploaded your ConceptMap, use the $translate operation to query the server with a code and obtain and equivalent code from the other CodeSystem.

That's it for this exercise!